Dear Denver: Please pick up your trash. Not just for Earth Day, but every day.

Once upon a time, there was not much trash everywhere in this city. Now, Denver is full of it. 


People coming here from other states – and here, too — please stop pitching bags of trash out of your car window. Put it in your waste bin. 

Please pick up your dog’s poop. Your parents and neighbors are not following you around to clean up the poop. Grow up (at any age). 

And developers and contractors who scrape buildings, think about this: The greenest building is the building that exists. Also, there also is a thing called adaptive re-use. And if you do need to demolish (why?), make sure that the materials do not go straight to a landfill; there are other places you can take some materials for other uses. 

There’s so much more, but it is one thing to talk about Earth Day, but also to do something about it.  What should be happening is people need to clean up their act. Face it: We are making a mess in a country that should realize there are problems ahead. (Actually, it is already here.) 

(The image above is from today’s New Yorker daily calendar, and though it is funny, it made me think.) 

Every email I received this morning from stores and companies included Earth Day that I could purchase plates or anything under the sun. It’s offensive, because it is just more stuff. 

Below are just a few links about Earth Day: things to do to celebrate Earth Day (for real), information from the Colorado State University Extension (hey, when I moved here from Miami, the extension brochure had a lot of information for cooking and baking – and the plants that will grow here, and it is changing), and a link to a story in The New York Times about President Biden’s Earth Day Climate Summit. Will it work? Will it stick? Always hoping.

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