Because perhaps we will only see snow this weekend, covering everything.

Something more meaningful seemed right today. But then, I saw a lengthy story on Denverite that has a lot of good information. Yes: This weekend, it’s about snow. 

For anyone who has lived in Colorado, things can become murky. Things also can be treacherous. Having lived through several big dumps – including the six blizzards in a row in 2006 into 2007 – I was wondering why I moved here. 

Settling in Conifer in the fall of 1984, there was this big Broncos game, and the snow was really coming down. Some city fathers were cranky about the snow because it was televised and might tarnish the city (sure). But… the resorts were over the moon. (Fortunately, the giant blizzard in 1982 missed me, messing up Christmas but providing incredible lore even now.) 

Eventually, everything melts in its own sweet time. Mother Nature and Father Gloomy take care of everything.

The blog is live, so Denverite is adding things as time goes by. Now, as we get ready to learn the bracket info for March Madness 2021 on Sunday, we can relish having something that has nothing to do with snow.

Just one link: 

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