“The cheese grater. Coarse.”

Dezeen Weekly is a good read, even though it sometimes can be snarky when commenters take on a building or an interior. 

This week’s Dezeen included a building to be constructed in Denver. Jeanne Gang’s Populus – the three-sided hotel building to be located on West Colfax Avenue — is sort of a surprise. What is unusual, architecture and design online posting usually takes us around the world, but there it is: Denver. The client is Urban Villages (and the image is from Studio Gang.) 

The headline above is from a comment calling it “The cheese grater. Coarse.” That type of phrase popped up in a couple of comments, but I thought, really? Denver already has a cheese grater, a metal parking garage close to my neighborhood. But if someone wants two cheese graters, you are on your own.

As for Populus, Gang has designed windows that are derived from the “eyes” on aspen trees, and it will be a show-stopper just across the main thoroughfare from Civic Center.  (The “Populus” refers to aspen trees, known as Populus tremuloides – and these will be really big eyes.)

Jeanne Gang, who founded Studio Gang in 1997, has designed some of the most scintillating buildings to much acclaim. Her designs usually elicit a “wow,” just as it did when I saw a Studio Gang project being built in Saint Louis about a year or so ago. Its name is One Hundred, a residential tower overlooking Forest Park, a wonderful and immense green space that includes a zoo, an art museum, an history museum, and more.

That Civic Center district holds a range of architectural designs, from Beaux Arts to Postmodern to the remarkableHamilton Building, a titanium-clad explosion of shards. We learn from this progression, as thoughts evolve.

What seems unusual to me is that Populus will be built on such a small piece of land. Right now, the building that sits on the land is surrounded by a Fence of Doom, which all of us in Denver know that, well, bring in the scraper.  It is a mid-century Modern building, which will be lost when Populus claims that small bit of land.

Two links are below: One for the Dezeen posting, and another for Modern in Denver, a quarterly magazine that focuses on buildings (and other things), and in this case all the information you would ever want about Populus.

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