Talk about envious: When following the plans and views for Pancratia Hall at Loretto Heights, who wouldn’t want to be in there?

Today’s Denverite offers a tour of the former Pancratia Hall, which is being turned into the Pancratia Hall Lofts. It is a striking beginning, chronicled by a reporter and a photographer.

In the way back when we actually went to meetings, I started following the fate of the Loretto Heights Campus, which was purchased by Westside Investment Partners, Inc. (Yes, that same Westside Investment Partners, Inc.) The sale included about 70 acres a few years ago for about $16 million. There were numerous meetings that brought out a lot of people who were interested in keeping Loretto Heights in place; it’s not just a beautiful campus, it also offers amazing views. People care about it.

Loretto Heights was created as a high school for women and then a college. The campus stretches back some 130 years, though it was purchased many years ago by the Teikyo University Group, which operated Colorado Heights University. That school closed in 2017. 

I have a giant file on the many buildings on the campus, including the architects and the years they were built.  But today, Pancratia Hall is in the spotlight. It is being turned into an affordable housing building with 72 apartments, including large apartments, which is a great idea. After all, it was a dormitory, where students lived on campus; there also were classrooms.

Pancratia Hall was built in 1929, and the architect was Harry W.J. Edbrooke. Those in charge of Loretto Heights back in the day chose superb architects for their buildings – just like Edbrooke.

Just one link, because it is a good read – with a lot of photographs. 

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