Talk about dereliction of duty: I am supposed to be working on a project, but this week I’m glued to the television.

Taking a break is because viewing the videos over the past three days has been making nightmares. 

So for a change, I’ve read (and watched) something easier on the heart. A family that owns the Axton Ranch that straddles Jefferson and Gilpin counties is donating 450 acres to create a mountain park for Denver. It’s the first potential new Denver Mountain Park in 80 years. 

Since our city – and state – have attracted so many more people over the past two decades, more open space is surely a welcome idea. Denver will need to get approval from the Denver City Council, which should be easy to do.

 “It’s never been more important to grow our parks and acquire additional land for trails and open space,” said Happy Haynes, Executive Director of Parks and Recreation. “This property will be managed primarily as a conservation area focused on sustainability and will also expand mountain park access for Denver residents and visitors.”

Two links below: 9News, and Colorado Politics.

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