January 6, 2021, is a day we all need to remember. Ugly, unhinged, and so many other words, but “peaceful transition of power” is not in their vocabulary.

“We Are the Storm” was the title of yesterday’s pro-Trump protest at the Colorado Capitol. Nah, you’re not the storm. You’ve lost your bearings. And you need to go home and rethink your life, under the spell of a president who also has lost his bearings and his inability to understand that a loss is a loss. 

Around noon, the police helicopter was whirling around over where I live. But I had a ticket to the Denver Art Museum at 2 p.m., and thought, well, something is going on at the Colorado Capitol, but I needed to leave. But I was having to tear myself away from television of what was happening at the United States Capitol. There, it was absolutely frightening and, well, disgusting.

Getting caught up in the traffic, with drivers in giant trucks, with giant horns, and giant flags, it was not a good place to be. By the time I got out of the museum, many more people were congregating around the Colorado Capitol. What amazed me was that some of the supporters brought their children, as if it were a fair or a picnic. When I left my hour of serenity in the museum, things again turned out not to be a good place to be. State and city buildings (including the museum) were shut down to protect staff and visitors. (The photo at the top of this post is from Denverite.)

A few minutes ago, there was breaking news from The New York Times, that Mark Zuckerberg was blocking President Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Considering what was happening yesterday in Washington, D.C., Zuckerberg said, “… we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.” And yesterday, Twitter deleted three of the president’s tweets that were inciting a riot, then suspended his account for 12 hours (and even more).

For those who have been glued to your television or your phone, the Senate and House of Representatives wrapped up their business early this morning to certify the election of President-Elect Joe Biden. The work was done, but what happened yesterday will reverberate for years to come. 

Below are links to stories in DenveriteWestwordThe Denver Post, Colorado Public Radio, and ColoradoPolitics (which has a story about Colorado’s newly minted representative from District 3). As Lauren Boebert spoke to Congress right before the mob broke into the US Capitol Building, she was quoted: 

“ ‘Madame Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now. I promised my voters to be their voice in this branch of government which I now serve. It is my separate but equal obligation to weigh in on this election and object. Are we not a government of, by and for the people? They know that this election is not right, and as their representative I am sent here to represent them, I will not allow the people to be ignored,’ she said.”

I’m surprised she didn’t offer her constituents a beer or a bratwurst, since they showed up. 


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