The Trump Presidential Lie-brary? The unknown architect certainly has a point of view.

Six days a week, I receive a list from an art-centered magazine called Hyperallergic. The reporters and editors cover a lot of different things, from museums to art to architecture.

This morning, Hyperallergic took a “look” at a design by an anonymous New York-based architect who created a concept for The Trump Presidential Lie-brary. The reporter, Sarah Rose Sharp, had also had a point of view with this story.

Sharp opens with this: “With Donald Trump’s failure to win reelection officially confirmed (aside from in the minds of all but the criminally delusional, including Trump himself), it is time for DJT to start thinking about his legacy.” That is fitting, since former presidents have libraries and archives and more, so people can visit and learn more about the impact the leaders have created. Impact may not be the correct word here, but there is something quite sly.  

Sections of the Lie-brary will include a COVID Memorial, an Alt-Right Auditorium, the Wall of Criminality, and Tax Evasion 101. Oh, and let us not forget: the Twitter Gallery.

As we wait, and wait, and wait to hear a concession, what else can we do, besides hoping things will move along so the president-elect can get work done. 

But there is another presidential library in the wings. Last night, there was a flash back to eight years ago. 60 Minutes featured a lengthy interview that included former President Barack Obama’s new book. This definitely went beyond the book, in a discussion  with reporter Scott Pelley. But it was good to hear someone who has a perspective of what has been going on for the past four years – and especially right now. 

Former President Obama also brought along a model for the Obama Presidential Center, which will include a museum, a library, a park and activity center, and more. The architects here are definitely not anonymous: Interactive Design Architects, and Tod Williams and Billie Tsien Architects / Partners. The center will be located in Jackson Park. When this plan was announced years ago, people registered  many concerns and are worried about the park on the South Side of Chicago. Is it public, or is it private? That will be something to continue to read about as the money is raised for this center. 

Below is a link to the story of the imaginary Trump Presidential Lie-brary, and a link to the 60 Minutes interview with former President Obama. Somehow they seem to be in some sort of strange tandem, as the stars align.

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