Tomorrow the election is here. If you have not voted, go and do it. And I hope I never use this image again – though I love it.

In early March, I used this New Yorker cover on the blog when the COVID-19 was beginning to gallop around the country, and several hotspots. The blog on March 9 was right after the alleged president toured the CDC – with no mask – and he noted he has “a natural ability” to deal with medical issues. That’s when we knew that something was not going to go well. (This cover needs another shout-out for “Under Control,” by Brian Stauffer. Laugh? Cry? Dunno.) 

March seemed to be 400 days long, but now, suddenly the election is upon us. It’s roiling my stomach, and hurting my heart, especially when I see news videos of people in big trucks with big flags and probably with big guns, too, and menacing people on the road. And the fear that people will riot or loot in many downtowns – I certainly hope not. 

What country am I in? What happened to us? What happened: narcissism.

If you’ve ever worked for a narcissist, you’d know what I mean. It’s all about them, all the time, all the minutes, all the day, all the weeks, all the month, and all the year. I watched a newsclip of a recent rally, as this alleged president was shouting that the news was all about COVID, COVID, COVID, and then said something about people should be thinking about him. I can no longer watch much of the news when hearing such things that are idiotic. Tomorrow night, it should be eye-opening. 

I know it will take time to process so many votes around the country because the turn-out has been spectacular (yay!). But that alleged president has said that if votes are not counted by late Tuesday night, his big lawyers will file big lawsuits. Wonder if they will bring big guns, too? 

So, as COVID cases climb in most states, including Colorado, what are we to do? Wear a mask, wash your hands, etc. – I feel like my dear departed mother is reminding me not to touch my face. Yeah, she was right.

Just a few links: in Westword and in The Colorado Sun and in Fox 31, and The Denver Business Journal sending out a story from The New York Times. Be safe out there. I never want another election like this.

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