Design is still alive. These three events, though, will be virtual.

Modernism Week Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 1.25.40 PM

I get it. I like to tour buildings, and go to events or panels. But, with a trusty laptop, anything can happen, especially when tickets fit into my budget (like, small).

Last year, Doors Open Denver included Prism on its tour list. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning downtown, walking through an empty floor and looking out of giant windows as if peering through a diamond.

But, virtual is where we are in 2020.  And much of our city somehow looks out of joint, with way too many unfortunate buildings replacing the buildings we know. As Denver becomes one giant example of hideous architecture, we are stuck with it. So these three events are like a wake-up call: Developers and planners need to step up and make things better.

The first event is Denver Modernism Week, which begins on August 19 (like this coming Wednesday) and continues through August 22. (The image here of the Cadet Chapel is eye-catching, and the event will feature a virtual tour of that exquisite structure.) Here’s the link for all of the information:

Then, Doors Open Denver, sponsored by the Denver Architecture Foundation, will begin on September 28 and run through October 15. The full schedule will be available on September 1. Here’s the link for the events and programs:

Doors Open Denver

Finally, Denver Design Week begins on October 19 and concludes on October 23. For more on that, here’s the link:

These programs will be fleshed out, and there is no overlap so we can cruise through from August well into October looking at buildings and neighborhoods (virtually) which makes some of us quite happy.

What was interesting: Colorado Politics ran a story about Doors Open Denver in early August. Here’s that link, and it may be the longest link in history:

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