The great white whale is waiting — at some point in 2021.

White whale Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 7.52.23 AM

Over the past 6-or-so months, I have been wrapped up dealing with health, food, keeping touch with friends, devouring politics, a churning stomach because of this administration, and on and on. So when I encounter something from, say, last June or November, it seems to be from the Stone Age.

Earlier this week, BusinessDen featured an update about Meow Wolf in Denver — you know, the immersive, art-ish exhibition that has been a big hit in Santa Fe. And it is going to open here, too. The building pops up above West Colfax Avenue, I-25, and Auraria Parkway, near Mile High Station and Ironworks. I drove around there yesterday afternoon, suddenly realizing that there was a whole different city down there. Finding a way out of there, pushed me up on a road that was lined with new apartments that all really looked the same. It was not immersive. Thanks, Denver.

Reading old stories from 2018 and 2019, there was a huge sense of excitement that a Meow Wolf here would be a hit in Denver. The Meow Wolf in Santa Fe is closed as of now according to its website. Now, it seems a little less exciting, considering that people who have worked at Meow Wolf have faced the same issues that other companies (yes, it is a company) have dealt with: layoffs, furloughs, and the unhappiness that has accompanied a pandemic and economic woes. And before that, there were legal issues dealing with discrimination involving female employees.

Below is a link to the update on Meow Wolf, and within that update, there is another link from last year. Just not quite the same.

But BusinessDen also included a link to a story from the Los Angeles Times, which focusses on the Las Vegas Meow Wolf. In Las Vegas, one of the big draws is the Omega Mart, a sort of grocery store with a strange way of selling “groceries” and such. Both the Las Vegas and Denver outposts are expecting to open in 2021, assuming that they can get back to normal (if that ever happens).

P.S. I have never visited Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. That’s because a few years ago, I got tangled up with a ridiculous situation involving a rental car I rented when my own car was T-boned. The rental car had a provision that I couldn’t drive it out of state, and I thought, all I need is two rental cars. Really? It didn’t make sense.


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