So now it is pit bulls redux. Coming to a committee soon?

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A Denver City Council meeting on February 24 seems like a year ago. But that was the night that the pit bull ban was still standing.

The story in Westword on February 25 noted this:

“Denver’s pit bull ban lives on. Two weeks after a Denver City Council majority voted to effectively repeal a prohibition on three pit bull-related breeds that’s been in place since 1989 (and led to thousands of dogs being euthanized), council members failed to override a veto by Mayor Michael Hancock – the first of his two-plus terms in office. The final vote on February 24 was 8-5 in favor of Councilman Chris Herndon’s proposal, one shy of the nine needed.”

But even that evening, several city council members said they would support changing the ban with some changes to the language – and that included council members had voted to continue the ban. And Councilman Chris Herndon wants it brought up again. As the City Council meetings were involved several months ago, he wanted to bring these dogs “out of the shadows” and to be registered in new ways. The problem, of course, is that dog-happy Denverites do not register most of their dogs.

As noted in that post, in late February, there was this paragraph: “During the meeting, some council members considered putting this item on the November ballot, or bringing it back to committee, or maybe have some meetings to test the waters. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some changes in the language, and then put it on the ballot.”

And according to a story in Colorado Politics earlier this week is just where this is going. Surprisingly, I could not find any other stories about this.

From earlier this week, “Denver Councilman Chris Herndon, who represents District 8, tried earlier this year to repeal the city’s decades-old pit bull ban but failed after the council fell short of gathering the votes needed to overturn Mayor Michael Hancock’s veto.

“Now Herndon is working to gain support from at least six other council members who will agree to send the issue to the voters this November. He will formally present his ballot initiative before the Finance and Governance Committee later this month.”

Below is the link to the new story in Colorado Politics, plus several links to the coverage of the February 24 meeting.

Denver City Council fails to overturn Mayor Hancock’s veto of pit bull ban repeal



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