But wait, there’s more: Another concept plan has popped up.

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When so many of us are at home and trying to be careful, the developers and planners are having a field day. And as much as I have mourned miserable buildings all over Denver — thinking of you, Jefferson Park and Berkeley — it has now come home to roost in a nearby neighborhood called Capitol Hill. Oh, there have been some terrible buildings during the last decade, but now, everything is up for grabs. 

Yesterday, I posted the concept plan for a large L-shaped building that wants to push the height limit on Sherman Street and East 7th Avenue. It will take up land that now holds Racines on Sherman and several one-story shops on East 7th.

Today, we have another concept plan. This one is from the Gables Residential Communities that will be fairly close to the Gables Speer Boulevard. And for some reason, there are no gables anywhere I can find. The proposed Gables project is on Sherman Street and East 8th Avenue, which would take up several properties. At least this Gables will be designed by an architecture firm called Davie Partnership. It would be 8 stories tall, with more than 190 apartments, and perhaps some townhomes at the base of the building. 

But as we know, things can get odd around here. 

The links below include two stories on the proposed Gables building, from BusinessDen and the Denver Business Journal. One of my favorite columns that ran in Westword four years ago, with a deliciously pointed take-down called “The Hateful Eight,” that is, eight of the worst buildings in Denver in a decade (and the Gables on Speer is there). There’s a link to that. To just make my heart sing, the neighbors of Carmen Court have delivered an application to the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission. They are up against a big developer — i.e., Hines — but the neighbors are trying to save that elegant complex, which BusinessDen has been closely following. Finally, there is a story that was shared by the business journals and The New York Times about investors who are ready to swoop up distressed properties because of the economic issues we’ve been dealing with. 

Hold on to your hat.

Multifamily firm Gables proposes eight-story Cap Hill complex



Landmark application submitted for Carmen Court against owners’ wishes


4 Replies to “But wait, there’s more: Another concept plan has popped up.”

  1. Mary – Could the architect be the Davis Partnership? They have done some good multi family work so pressing them for certain details may actually work. FYI – If it is Davis they are the descendent of Fisher and Fisher in Denver. David DAVID LYNN WISE AIA Architecture Urban Design 1110 East 17th Avenue Denver, Colorado 80218 303 446 5965


    1. Yes, I mentioned Davis Partnership in the post. And they have done some good multi-family work. I know their heritage, and have admired Fisher and Fisher for years. Thanks for the comment, David Lynn Wise. Hope you are well in this very strange time!


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