Remember the old cliche about taking lemons and making lemonade? It can work.

Horseshoe flea market Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 9.49.31 AM

Today’s Colorado Creative Redux in Westword caught my eye. It’s a questionnaire about Amy Yetman describing her work. 

Denver’s amazing deep pool of creative workers finds a way to get things done, bringing joy to all of us, whether artists, writers, singers, chefs, or just about anything else someone can make or do. 

Yetman and her husband decided they would create a flea market called the Horseshoe Market on the heels of the Great Recession. In 2010, they opened the flea market, and the creative people flocked to them. And Yetman has kept it not just going, but also growing. 

So for a change, some better news. This past weekend, I just pretended there was no bad news. No COVID-19, no presidential weirdness, no fraught comments over the upcoming election. Instead, I watched a lot of episodes of Downton Abbey, which is about as fanciful as anything else, but it also has meaning, watching the upper-crust British struggle with post-war social changes.  My head is better, and my heart is better, just for thinking about that. And reading this questionnaire with questions from Susan Froyd and answers from Amy Yetman make a big difference.

From one of Yetman’s answers, there is this: “This site is helping serve that basic function of making sure people know where to find and shop from local makers and artists, connecting people directly to their online shops. As our country and Denver recover economically, we are committed to being at the forefront of helping our local artisan community survive and thrive!”

I hope all of this works, and that so many restaurants and sweet little shops can survive. We know that many have figured out how to live during an escalating economy that super-charged rents. When this strange time is over — whenever that  might be — I hope there is some sanity in terms of how people can pay their rent and their mortgages. It’s a tough time, but they are tough people.

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