Earth Day is finally here, as it marks its 50th birthday. People need to care about this.

Earth Day Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 9.16.21 AM

That photo is a little crooked, but it’s that kind of day. Somewhere in my home is a button  I was wearing on the very first Earth Day. The campus was packed with lots of speakers. It was uplifting, but my main memory is that when the crowds drifted off, there were hundreds, even thousands of soda cans and paper cups on the ground.

Not a good sign. We still need to preserve our planet, and clean it up, or else.

After the first Earth Day, legislation was passed to help our country and our world with stricter rules for air and water and preserving species. Now, 50 years later, the current administration is rolling things back. This needs to stop. We’re already anxious about the current virus situation in the United States, and now the country seems to be more under the sway of those who see money above health.

But back to Earth Day: Just about every publication available has been covering the first Earth Day or including lists for people to read or watch today. We can’t just go out to join a rally; instead, meetings are being held virtually. That includes a meeting tomorrow morning with the taskforce involved in Denver’s Climate Action Stability and Resiliency; you can watch it on The Alliance Center also has a lot of information.

Some good reads and some informational details are below, with links about today’s 50th Earth Day. The New York Times “went big” to cover the first Earth Day, but also has noted that Earth Day this year is not getting much traction. For many people, it might seem like old news or ho-hum. But many thanks to those who have made our world better. You know who you are.

On Earth Day, coronavirus gives us glimpse at what it takes to reduce pollution


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