So much sorrow in the world, but we cannot ever forget what happened on April 20, 1999.

Columbine Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.53.30 AM

On Saturday afternoon, I watched a recent Frontline about the history and problems of the NRA. And front and center, there was Columbine. All those terrible memories flooded right back, with tears for the people at that school who were killed or wounded. It’s hard to believe that this happened 21 years ago, but who can ever forget that terrible day?

(And it doesn’t help that the Ludlow Massacre in southern Colorado where miners and women and children were mowed down on April 20, 1914. Another massive wound.)

And the wounds continue as we face a virus that seems to be all around us. Tempers are short, and we do feel that we are cooped up — though most of us are really not.

Watching the news last night, there were people protesting at the state Capitol that they wanted to have the city and state “open up again.” That will  happen eventually, but clogging a major road and shouting didn’t seem to make much sense. Some medical personnel wearing scrubs stood their ground. Happy to say that no one was hurt. The head and the heart must stay strong, and keep the fears out of the mind, though there are plenty suffering because our economic system is out of whack.

Below is a link to Columbine High School’s annual service day — virtually. And there is a link to the Frontline documentary about the NRA. It’s not cheerful viewing, but it’s true, and with so many hoaxes and scams floating around, some truth helps. It keeps us clean.

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