Our current environment is already making people anxious. The scammers love it even more.

Scams Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 10.04.46 AM

We’ve all seen strange ads as we read stories online or on social media, and wonder if they are really what they are.

Quite often scams arrive over the phone during the period in which we are dealing with our annual tax filings. The deadline to file your tax returns has been extended in this very strange year. But that doesn’t matter to someone who wants to make some money off of your money.

A few years ago, I was buffeted by someone calling a few times each day and leaving a voicemail allegedly from the IRS about needing to know more about my taxes. Same voice. Same accent. Different phone numbers. The best thing to do was to write down the many phone numbers on the caller ID, and check them out online. Of course, it was a multi-number scam. But they can be threatening, and that’s the point.

Delete. Delete. Delete.

But scammers looking to make a quick buck – or finding out your personal information – and they will keep trying. Phony coronavirus tests. Phony cures. Phony everything.

That’s why the Federal Trade Commission, with the Food and Drug Administration, has put out a guidance with a list of scams they have uncovered and other information. This link was sent to everyone in my building from our  management company, and it is much appreciated. Also, the Today show featured a segment this morning on how to recognize some of these scams. The FTC’s list of potential scams the agency has investigated are some real whoppers.  No colloidal silver, please.

When the coronavirus became a real-life threat, the phrase “abundance of caution” was a watchword. It’s the same for this situation.




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