It is so quiet.

Homeless on the street Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 11.42.50 AM

Yesterday afternoon I toured the city in my car. It was a couple of hours before the buzzer sounded on my phone, indicating that we all needed to go home.

There were a few people walking around downtown. I drove up Lawrence Street to about 31st Avenue, then drove down Larimer Street. Hardly any people out. Some restaurants are doing take-out, and I hope that helps. Drove by one of the city’s shelters for the homeless, and there were a few people sitting on the sidewalk; the shelter staff had marked off spaces between people.

When this virus issue began to be in the news, I know I was not the only person who thought, How will homeless people stay well in this situation? There are now stations for people to wash their hands, but how will this play out?

The headline of the day is: “What does it mean to ‘stay at home’ when you don’t have a home?”

Plenty of good information in this story in today’s Denverite about those who do not have a home. The link is below.

What does it means to ‘stay at home’ when you don’t have a home?

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