The quote of the day: ‘You can’t shoot a virus.’

Huh Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 11.57.17 AM

Well, of course you can’t.

But reading several stories today about the spike in sales of guns and ammunition in Colorado, this makes me concerned.

I’m already worried about my family members, friends and neighbors, but now if I go to the grocery store, what might happen next?

I’m worried about restaurants and their workers losing jobs, the doctors and nurses who keep us well, the economy dropping and dropping, the 2020 election, and on and on. Fear? Not so much, but a lot of worry and anxiety.

If you want to roll your eyes, read the links below. The links lead to stories about the fact that there are even more guns in our city and our state.

Colorado gun sales have spiked in the past week amid coronavirus fears



2 Replies to “The quote of the day: ‘You can’t shoot a virus.’”

  1. After absorbing all of this + my eyes are rolling like a slot machine. Here’s the payoff … good air quality for the first time in too long.
    Thank you Mary for keeping us informed


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