Haven’t we been waiting for something like this?

DBJ Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 9.27.24 AM

“The Denver Business Journal has filed a public-records lawsuit against Denver International Airport to reveal the members of an independent panel that recommended DIA CEO Kim Day should hire Great Hall Partners for a $1.8 billion renovation project.”

That’s the beginning of the story in today’s Journal, and the lawsuit was filed yesterday. The suit has come forward because the publication made a January 16 request under the Colorado Open Records Act, “seeking the names of the independent panel members who recommended Great Hall Partners to Day.”

As one might imagine, the city pushed back, citing statutes that were designed to offer “honest and frank” discussion and also not release “the contents of real estate appraisals.”

Work is beginning again at the terminal this week, after a debacle that ended last year. Is this a bumpy take-off?

There are two links below: the story today in the Journal, and a story published yesterday in Denverite about the work resuming.


Rejoice! The Great Hell, er, Great Hall project has begun again.

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