‘Abundance of Caution’ is my new middle name.

CDC Covid-19 cdc-w9KEokhajKw-unsplash

Or maybe, “social distancing.” In any case, the canceling of events in our state and in our country is being upended because events are either being canceled or offering an out because of the coronavirus. And this doesn’t even get near to what is happening in Europe, especially Italy.

The image above is from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (via unsplash). That virus looks awfully spiky, and it is wreaking havoc (except for the guy in the White House, who thinks it causes some sort of tummy ache).

Just this morning, Denver’s mayor canceled the St. Patrick’s Day parade scheduled for this Saturday.  Last night, the mayor said it was going to happen. But there was push back.

And there is more. What about March Madness, which offers me a chance to spend $10 in a blind pool and win nothing? What about cultural and sporting events all over the country? When South X Southwest was canceled, I knew that things were getting much worse than I expected. Then the 9News Health Care Fair – a stalwart every year in the spring –is not going to be held this spring.  There’s some irony in there.

Below are links to stories on what’s going on, about the parade (Denverite), the ending of last night’s Next on 9News in which Kyle Clark talked about social distancing, the 9News Health Fair (Westword), and “a brief list” of big events being canceled around the country (The New York Times).










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