We like bright and shiny things. But it’s time for a break.

Golden IMG_3056

A friend of mine gave me a tiny golden-colored poinsettia. It has grown a bit taller over the past few weeks, but it is still quite compact. The camera on my phone picked up flecks of red and pink, making it even more beautiful.

It’s been quite a year – municipal elections (yikes, they seemed to never end, but then, uh, they did), area plans that work from top down while pointing out to developers where the action is, incredibly expensive homes and apartments, changing weather… quite a litany, but that’s enough. The people who live here are resilient, working to contribute good works in our state. But you knew that.

It’s time to head out of town, while wishing all a great holiday season. And may 2020 bring us exactly what we want.



2 Replies to “We like bright and shiny things. But it’s time for a break.”

  1. Mary, your poinsettia is a beautiful palette & size. Consider the assessment of Truman Capote, “Ah the poinsettia; the Robert Goulet of botany. xoxoxox


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