Enough snow for ya, with more on the way?

9Next show shotScreen Shot 2019-12-03 at 8.16.12 AM

Of course, there’s more on the way: It’s only the beginning of December with many more months just waiting to spring more snow on us.  The snowflake icon on my cell phone has been shifting back and forth to the rain icon, but the snowflake is now firmly back in place for Thursday.

The past week has been a real test of everyone’s fortitude. The sun finally is helping, but so much snow has been packed into layers of ice, it has been problematic to walk anywhere. The city fathers and mothers of Denver somehow believe that the sun will come out quickly after a big storm, but that didn’t work this time. So, let’s do better next time, OK?

It also doesn’t help that more than a few homeowners and commercial enterprises have not done a bit to clear off their sidewalks. I encountered that in several places on Saturday, and it was really annoying – not to mention dangerous.

Then, when I woke up this morning and learned from a story in The Denver Post that my city council representative, who uses a wheelchair, was trapped in the snow trying to get home. District 10 Representative Chris Hinds wound up in the hospital. This is just plain wrong.  And the bike lanes? They need to be kept free of snow – not as a storage area for dumping snow.

Finally, the first link to various snow-annoyance stories below, leads to last night’s 9News Next show with Kyle Clark.  I had to laugh when he reported that the city’s public works gurus didn’t want to use de-icer on our streets at this point because it won’t work since large plows can’t fit on our side streets (I could go on). But then, the public works gurus decided to haul out the plows and the de-icer after all.

I really like when people stick to their guns. Or their de-icer. Next time, try it a little earlier – like five days ago.





Following Complaints, Denver To Spread Deicer On Residential Streets


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