A carriage house? A granny flat? An Accessory Dwelling Unit? Your call.

ADU Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 8.43.51 AM

It’s whatever you want to call it: a small home built on the same lot as the owner’s own home.

In my neighborhood, there are carriage houses here and there, dating from the time when people in Denver needed a place to store a carriage.

Fast forward many decades, and more and more Denver residents (and in other cities) are considering taking this route. There are caveats about taking this step, but I was interested in the concept of the ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) when a friend of mine began researching how a little house could share the land her home was on. When she retired, she could live in the ADU, and rent out her home to help cover the cost of the ADU.

For various reasons, that plan didn’t work out. But as ADU’s are becoming more popular, it creates another “home,” whether for rent to others, or for the owner to move in to the smaller house and rent out the older home. It’s about savings, but it also provides more housing that can be more affordable. And we’re all for that.

The number of ADU’s being built in Denver has continued to grow. And going back through this year’s agendas for the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission, ADU’s are popping up in the Baker neighborhood, Potter Highlands, and Curtis Park. (And that’s just for landmark districts.)

Today’s Colorado Sun posted a story by Kevin Simpson that covers just about everything, explaining the lure but also some of the hurdles to construct a carriage house or a granny flat or an ADU or whatever you want to call it. Still, for those who are thinking about taking that route, this story is a good place to start. It’s also a good read.

Below are links to the Colorado Sun story, and to a program posted on the city of Denver’s website; http://www.Denvergov.org has a lot of information for homeowners who are thinking of taking the plunge.



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