Starting Sunday, we all can feel like vampires again

Standard time 110119 IMG_2973

In Colorado, we survived a lot of snow and really cold temperatures this week. Hundreds of trick-or-treaters sucked it up to brave a chilly Halloween. And now: We face the annual turning of the clock  — make that clocks — to shoo away Daylight Saving Time.

Aside from being a real pain in the neck to reset the clocks – thank you laptop and phone for being grown-ups – the days very quickly get very few hours of daylight. I wasn’t sure to top this post with an image of a vampire or a clock.

This coming Sunday, we’ll be losing an hour of sleep but feeling slightly groggy throughout Monday because of a time change that should be simple, but isn’t.

The Daylight Saving Time saga has a lot of background about why our country adopted this concept, and why our bodies often feel the change. That’s what the links are for:


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