Denver can give others good advice, even if it’s bad news.

DIA Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 10.49.27 AM

And it’s all about Ferrovial.

Yesterday, I went on to read about the baseball Cardinals’ smashingly superb one inning and what happens next. But what diverted me was a story about the fact that company Ferrovial wants to manage work for St. Louis’ airport, Lambert Field.

Ferrovial is known here as one of DIA’s companies involved in the Great Hall Partners, which is being booted out of the airport because of problems getting the work done. The photo above is from The Denver Post story of yesterday, too — pretty ugly. For those of us who have used the airport for 25 years, and knew our way around, DIA is now like a corn maze or a minefield or both.

The lovers of 3P —  public-private partnerships – are so utopian, among other things.

But then I read that the city wants Ferrovial on the Lambert Field team, and red flags went up. Today, on (the online version of The Post Dispatch), printed an editorial with the headline: Denver’s airport’s nightmare offers warnings for proponents of Lambert’s privatization”

The two Denver City Council members who voted “no” on the privatization of work at DIA are quoted in the editorial: Rafael Espinoza, who did not run again for city council, and At-Large Representative Debbie Ortega. As the editorial in The Post-Dispatch noted, “The two “no” voters are the ones who, today, are looking really smart.

The Lambert Field proponents include a former mayor, hired by Ferrovial to work for them (so subtle), and are being funded by a privatization booster who tried to get the city and county of St. Louis to become one big municipality (that didn’t go too far).

Below are links to the editorial and yesterday’s story in STLToday, and the link to The Denver Post’s story yesterday, too.





2 Replies to “Denver can give others good advice, even if it’s bad news.”

    1. Thanks, Susan. On Thursday, I read the story in STLToday and saw the word “Ferrovial.” Then, I heard about the editorial, which included quotes from two Denver City Council representatives who had to vote on the contract. It’s like: Let’s not let this spread. It’s already taken a toll at DIA.


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