Trying to navigate the world of hemp can be murky

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Trying to navigate the world of hemp can be murky

For years, it seemed to me that hemp was just perfect for making ropes and clothing and industrial material, but now it is something to actually find a way to really understand it. That’s  because until last year, it was a problem child. Now, farmers are growing it, as long as it does not exceed a certain limit of THC, the substance that fuels marijuana.

That’s a real simplification, but there are so many aspects to this situation.  Why? Because CBD – cannabidiol — is now a thing: Derived from hemp, CBD is being promoted as something that can help our health, from easing bad joints to overall better well-being — and more.

This month’s 5280 magazine includes a story with many parts, all of which help to understand more about hemp – from the farmers’ viewpoints to the ways CBD can help us live better. This project helps to answer a lot of questions, especially for someone who is not immersed in this issue.

The first link is to the package of stories in 5280, then a link to a recent New York Times story about the issues hemp farmers face. Finally: The Hemp Industries Association has plenty of information, especially for its members.



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