Good news: Colorado has a new state park

Fishers Peak and park Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 12.10.14 PM

With concrete seeming to be spreading like wildfire across Colorado, it’s worth a shout-out to the fact that ranch in Trinidad is now Colorado’s 42ndstate park. This is something to celebrate.

It’s good news because the state’s growth means that after work is done on the park (and it will take a bit of time) this park will offer another open place for those who seek nature, solace, and renewal. Our parks are popular, and this one will be, too.

One of the major features is Fishers Peak, which has a flat top, marking the spot of a major success, involving numerous agencies and non-profits, and business people and philanthropists. In an age of division and turmoil, it’s satisfying to occasionally read good-news stories. The park has not yet been named, but amenities will be added. (The photo above is from The Nature Conservancy.)

On a Friday the 13th (but who’s superstitious?), the stories on the park resonate with good fortune.

The links below lead to several stories on the land becoming a park.

A massive ranch in Trinidad is officially Colorado’s newest state park thanks to innovative partnerships

Privately owned Fisher’s Peak in southern Colorado to become 42nd state park

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