That is, if you wish to proceed with assisted suicide

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A revealing story from Kaiser Health News was published this morning in The Denver Post.  It is a good read, and will either raise your hackles because a hospital system – Centura Health — does not follow a law in Colorado, or you will feel that the call of angel wings actually means something.

I’m betting that angel wings mean nothing, but my hackles are up because a well-respected physician was terminated for a plan to help get drugs for her patient to end his life. Assisted suicide was voted on in Colorado, as of 2016, and there are many restrictions on how this can be done. A physician cannot administer the pills; only the patient can.

But when religious beliefs collide with the law, there is always something to talk about – and this story is a good one to consider, especially with new protections for those in medical fields whose conscience does not let them perform certain procedures.

Below is a link to the story on Kaiser Health News, as well as an Associated Press version of the story picked up by Fox 31 News. Plus, there is a link to a story that ran earlier this year in Westword; the situations are different, but there also are roadblocks for a terminally ill patient to be able to carry out her plan.

Firing of Colorado doctor sets off fight over assisted suicide law


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