Let’s call it a crack in the plan to repair sidewalks in Denver

Sidewalk Denverite 081219 Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 11.20.32 AM

Last August, there was a lot of coverage on Denver’s plan to inspect  and repair sidewalks – region by region, 11 in all. The bills for that repair work required would be on owners. The city owns the sidewalks, but we pay to have them fixed.

The first meeting to address residents in Region 1, to the east and southeast of downtown, was held on August 11 last year at Denver Botanic Gardens. The plan had been unveiled in late 2017, but I certainly missed that, with a holiday season in full swing.

The project – to require owners to fix or replace cracked or wonky slabs, whether concrete or flagstone – caused a flap. That first meeting attracted more than 100 people, who were not very happy about learning what was going to happen, and what it might cost them. People shouted. It was a thing, and not a good thing, although some sidewalks in Denver can be dangerous. (Another aspect of the program is the city adding sidewalks to neighborhoods without any or neighborhoods that have Hollywood curbs.)

Things got very quiet after that. And so it has been since. If you go to the city’s sidewalk repair program pages, you can learn where the inspector is working. Yes, there is one inspector. For the past few months, the same information has been there: Section 1 of Region 1 and work is underway in the western part of Region 1, Section 1 between Sherman and Downing, from Alameda to Speer.

On the news last week, 9News Next noted the anniversary of the sidewalk repair program. Of the more than 10,000 homes, multi-family buildings, and commercial properties in Region 1, 925 have been inspected. The plan had been to inspect each region over the course of a year. I would imagine that the harsh winter, cold and snowy, slowed things down, with snow reaching into May, and with one inspector. So we will see how this goes.

Still, if you see a white X painted on your sidewalk, you need to deal with it.

Below are links to the recent story on 9News Next, to the city’s sidewalk repair program (the main one; there are more below it), and a story from last August in Denverite, where this photograph originated.







2 Replies to “Let’s call it a crack in the plan to repair sidewalks in Denver”

  1. City MUST pay for & supervise the repair & completion of Denver’s sidewalk network. Sidewalks are PUBLIC infrastructure.


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