Seeing all sides of the addition to the Rossonian

New regular windows July 2019 Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 4.10.03 PM

The ability to see a building rendering from a 360° view is a smart way to illustrate diverse aspects of a project. That is especially true when it comes to an addition to a building like the Rossonian, because that building fronts two streets – Welton and Washington – which meet at a point. A flyover animation can tell a story.

In June, the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission studied the design of this hotel addition and had concerns: An irregular window pattern on the upper levels facing Welton, too much glass on hotel floors over the “point” of the Rossonian, and the top of the hotel needed to be more substantial. After all, the 1911 Rossonian, designed by George Bettcher, is a high point of the Five Points Cultural District.

During the meeting this past Wednesday, all of those issues were resolved. And that’s where the animation comes in. The 3-story Rossonian, the 8-story hotel addition, and the 9-story mixed-use project called The Hooper appear to gently swivel around to reveal all sides. The development group – Palisade Partners and the Five Points Development Corp. – retained Craine Architecture, a respected firm, for the hotel and the mixed-use building.

Craine created the animation, which includes captioning so the commission and staff could note the changes. A couple of days after the meeting, Craine added a link to the animation on the firm’s page for the Rossonian project. (Thank you, Dan Craine and all.)

(The image at the top of this post shows the new rendering, with the regular pattern of windows; below is the same view with the irregular pattern of windows.

Below are links to the animation, the applicants’ new documents, and the commission staff’s briefing. The Rossonian Hotel will be rehabilitated, with more information to be reviewed at a later date.


Irregular windows from June NEW Rossonian Aerial view of Welton Street Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 9.47.50 AM

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