Open space versus development? Fore!

Park Hill Golf Course Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 1.11.29 PM

Today, it was announced that Westside Investment Properties, Inc. – now owners of the Loretto Heights campus — is negotiating to buy the Park Hill Golf Course, which has been sort of in limbo status for months.

Part of the course cannot be played – it’s closed for this year according to the course’s website – because a portion of it has been affected by a water retention project. It’s been a tangled situation for quite a while, involving the city, the Clayton Learning Trust, the company that runs the golf course, and more.

This news today is so interesting. What will win: The open space to augment parkland the city wants? Or land dedicated to residential and commercial projects, even affordable housing? Or maybe both scenarios co-existing happily?

Here are links below from today’s news, with a background story from early 2018 that helps untangle the situation.

A Denver developer is set to buy Park Hill Golf Club land

39th Avenue greenway, Park Hill golf set for $78 million flood-control project

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