Day 4: Modernism does bring happiness

DAM info screen Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 9.58.30 AM

My personal Modernism week has come to a close – with something a little more cheerful than the past three days.

The answer is “Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America,” an exhibition at the Denver Art Museum that continues into late August, as noted on the museum’s website.  The exhibition is divided into  three sections: the American home, child’s play, and corporate approaches to design.

I found the section on furniture designed for children engrossing (why didn’t I have any of this?). A stunning presentation of a table setting affixed vertically to a wall is a clever way to show off tableware from that period. The corporate area features pieces of furniture designed for Braniff, and an eye-opening carpet created by Alcoa, demonstrating that aluminum was not just for making foil. In short, the designers represented in “Serious Play” were smart and visionary. I’ll be making another visit, because there is so much to see and admire.

“Serious Play” is co-curated by Darrin Alfred, curator of architecture and design at the DAM, and Monica Obniski, Demmer Curator of 20th and 21st Century Design at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

At the link below, there are numerous photos taken by visitors, with the info you’ll need to attend.

Also, Modern in Denver published an article on “Serious Play,” full of details and photos:

Plus, the night before the exhibition closes, the DAM’s Design Council will sponsor “Play: Design After Dark.” I’m glad to see that event return.

Finally, Denver Design Week, Oct. 18 through 25, has put out a call for event submissions for this year’s Design Week. The deadline is June 30. Here’s a link to what organizers are looking for:





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