Dear Denver, look at yourself in the mirror

Memorial Day IMG_2730

Dear Denver,

I traditionally plant flowers on Memorial Day, so stop with the snow, OK? Winter this year seems to want hold on for dear life.  But today is beautiful — the perfect day to celebrate spring, to think of family and friends, those who serve and have served, and those who work so hard to make this city better.

It’s also the perfect day to hope this city gets a grip pretty soon, not just because of a dismal run-off mayoral race, which has become such a disappointment. It’s time to put aside the greed and put people, affordable housing, neighborhood preservation, climate issues, and excellent design at the top of the list. Make it work better for everyone.

Stop showboating. Denver, it doesn’t become you.

Thanks, from a 35-year transplant,

Chandler in Denver

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