Fast and furious: Home not so sweet home

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The explosive growth of construction in Denver and the metro area is nothing new. But a story in today’s Denverite untangles the tangled legal situation facing people who bought new homes in Villa Park.

The story is written by award-winning journalist Donna Bryson, who covers housing and hunger.  She focuses on one homeowner, whose new home had severe window issues, missing windows, an incorrectly installed stove with a gas leak, plumbing leaks, and, most serious of all, the need to install new beams that offer the proper load capacity. The home in question cost $470,000.  New.

Complicated court cases can be engrossing, and this is one of them because this story takes the time to explain it all. The report involves several issues, including how quickly city reviews can be done (some by private contractors) – and safely.

Last December, Channel 7 aired a story on this same home, but now, through Denver District Court papers, a lot more is known.

Here’s how Bryson’s story begins:

“After the city raised safety concerns so serious that new beams had to be installed to support a row of homes in Villa Park, the owners and their builder joined to sue the engineering company. The engineers in turn blamed the city and a company contracted to review building plans.”

Below are links to the Denverite story, a truly cautionary tale, and a link to the report on Channel 7.

Almost anyone who has bought a home basically is making the biggest investment in his or her life.  Call it stomach clenching.

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