The best read of the day — really

Sullivan for ColoradoScreen Shot 2019-05-15 at 12.57.12 PM

Every morning I sit down at my laptop and read numerous news websites. I know I am not alone in that ritual. But after reading and reading and reading, there is only one piece that has stuck in my mind today — even above the stories on the run-off election in Denver.

That would be a column by Mike Littwin, titled “Colorado GOP, with a bad case of recall fever, picks the wrong Democrat this time.” It was posted yesterday on The Colorado Independent, but I didn’t see it until this morning.

There have been numerous stories on the recall brewing against Representative Tom Sullivan, who represents Colorado’s House District 37. And they’ve been good stories, lots of facts, pretty much down the middle, etc.

But Littwin has laid out the issues in a way that zeroes in on the “why,” and not just the “what.” The heated political battleground in Colorado is not unique; our country is going through the same situation, multiplied by a million. But reading the column says it all, really. Really.

The link is below. Side note: The photo above tops the website that Tom Sullivan used for campaigning; I could not find a name of the photographer, so my apologies to the person who took that photo.




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