Maybe navigating Denver’s construction zones will now be less risky. Sort of.

Construction signs 040119 IMG_2654

Last October, my city council representative sent out an email listing changes the city’s Public Works’ executive director was considering for construction zone rules. The idea was to offer safer paths for pedestrians, to require contractors to find a place for construction workers to park and not take over street parking, and to implement other ideas to make these construction zones less dangerous – and less annoying.

Then, in January, 9News reported that new rules would be in effect around April.

Well, now it’s April, and the city has posted some new rules on its website that are going into effect. This issue – and plans for more new rules – were featured on 9News’ evening news yesterday and again on today’s morning news.

Reporter Noel Brennan focused on a dangerous intersection at East 17th Avenue and Pearl Street. He noted that there would be more rules evolving later this year for construction zones, which are everywhere. A strong case for strong rules were provided by Jill Locantore, executive director of WalkDenver, which strives to make walking safer for everyone so we can enjoy moving around Denver not in a car.

Note: The signs above are placed a block to the west of the intersection mentioned in the 9News story. Try to cross East 17thAvenue right there? May as well put on a blindfold, cross your fingers, and hope your will is up-to-date.

Some of these rules require spending money.  I suppose this might just be a bit much for developers, who have better things to do with their money. But with a requirement to provide covered walkways adjacent to the project site and shelling out some cash to find a place for workers and subcontractors to park, we’ll see how that goes.  Those covered walkways could save your life if a tool slips out of a worker’s hand 40 feet in the air.

The links below lead to the more recent construction zone rules, to the 9News story on construction zone rules, and to an earlier story this year on 9News.

Keep at it: Pedestrians already are moving targets in this city. It needs to get better, and move much more quickly. After all, we’re the ones who need to be protected.


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