How the West is growing taller. And how people are moving out.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.13.20 AM

Last night, I found a story on The Washington Post’s Evening Edition that included some extraordinary graphics and photographs. The story, headlined “The rising Western skyline,” examines the changes in Western cities as ever-taller buildings are growing on our horizons.

The report starts with Denver, then moves on to Seattle, Long Beach, and Sacramento – but Denver is sort of the thread that holds it all together, and, yes, the mayor is represented. A shout-out from me for the building models extracted from OpenStreetMap data, with map data from Maps4News/HERE.

The economic forces (and that refers to you, Denver) are changing more than the population.

The link to this story is below.

At a more granular level, The Colorado Sun has published a comprehensive story about changes in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood. We know many neighborhoods are facing incredible pressures, in terms of housing, affordability, and changing demographics. Westwood is among them.

The Sun’s story, by reporter Kevin Simpson, carries this headline: “Denver’s Westwood warily watches redevelopment happen. Can it stay true to its roots when gentrification looms?” The piece is accompanied by several maps that show the area’s shifting demographics.

That all sounds so dry, but in both stories, people are at the core of this, and how it changes not just how they live, but also how well they can live.

The link to that story is below, too.

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