Mix and match architecture

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Many of us are already happily familiar with the online group Denver FUGLY. But how about something that could be Denver WIERDLY?

This week, Architect Magazine online picked up a story that first ran in Builder. It’s about a homebuilder in Texas (but headquartered in Arizona) debuting a “new collection of homes that will allow buyers to mix and match features from different levels of their favorite floor plans.” Elevators are available.

The company, Taylor Morrison, calls this the Vue Collection, which offers three- and four-story homes in a development inside the Loop in Houston. The concept was “fueled by proprietary research that showed consumers want more control over their homes’ design.”

Really? After all, in some parts of Denver, we all ask: Who (or what computer program) is designing some of these new homes to begin with? The houses in the VUE Collection by Darling Homes will start in the $700,000s, introducing “an interchangeable stacking design concept.”

Since we now have so many new, very tall infill homes, some already look like they are mixed and matched floor by floor, which quite often sets off an aesthetic fist fight with the existing homes on the block.

The information was provided by Darling Homes for its sister company, Taylor Morrison, which is building homes in the metro area around Denver.

So if you want to shake things up, you could have a Streamline Moderne level, a Colonial level, and even a Beaux Arts level. That’s a joke, but a drive around Denver has illustrated that the more things you throw at buyers, the more they might love it.

Below are links to the story in Architect, as well as a link to a story in the Houston Chronicle , a press release on the Vue collection, and more.






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