The headline says it all

jared polis from fb page screen shot 2019-01-10 at 9.26.02 am

Yesterday’s New York Times ran an online story pegged to the swearing in of Jared Polis – Colorado’s new governor. The headline: “Colorado’s Got a Gay Governor: Who Cares?”


I read the story a couple of hours before I watched some of today’s State-of-the-State speech by Polis, and I thought, all I want is a good governor, which I believe we will have.

Here’s how the Times story begins:

“BOULDER, COLO. — On Tuesday, the first openly gay man elected governor in American history was sworn in, his partner at his side. It was a vision of progress captured in its unfurling: a milestone celebrated by those who saw themselves represented, even as it was also accepted by others as a matter of unremarkable course.

“In November, Jared Polis beat his Republican opponent, Walker Stapleton (a second cousin to Jeb and George W. Bush), in a self-funded campaign that helped make the race the most expensive in Colorado history. Constituents voted for him by a more-than-10-point margin, in a state whose swing on gay rights in the last three decades can be described as a complete about-face. Even in Colorado, once known as the “Hate State” for its anti-gay policies, Mr. Polis’s gayness was “interestingly uninteresting to voters,” as the conservative columnist George F. Will wrote.”

The link to the Times piece is below. So are links to an online story at Colorado Public Radio, which includes the full transcript to Gov. Polis’ speech, and a link to a Denver Post story about his speech. The photo here is from Gov. Polis’ Facebook page.


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