Denver now has “ize” after its name. That’s not good.

denver flag screen shot 2019-01-06 at 4.54.55 pm

I honestly can say I am having a problem watching the national news of the day. So I went online yesterday to read the vast array of on-line news publications in Denver and Colorado. I hit upon a column on The Colorado Sun, written by Diane Carman. Here’s the headline: Job one for our next mayor — how to un-Denverize Denver.

Yes, Denverize has become a thing. But if you live here, you know that. Carman is a good writer and is rooted in reality; I’ve always enjoyed her columns for The Denver Post and now for The Colorado Sun.

Here’s a couple of paragraphs at the beginning:

“For at least the next four months, an array of candidates will be running for city office in Denver, and instead of stressing about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen or whether Elizabeth Warren — or any woman — has the slightest chance of being elected president in 2020, we can take a timeout and focus on problems in our neighborhoods.

“And we have a few.”

Yes, we do. And although we were happy to say goodbye to the onslaught of election commercials this past November, the metro area airwaves are going to be heating up at some point soon. Denver’s municipal election is on May 7, 2019, with a run-off date of June 4, 2019. The last date to file as a candidate in March 13, 2019. The mayor is up for re-election (for a third term), and so are City Council members and other city officials. I can hardly wait for some substantive debates.

Here’s my favorite line in her column: “In a culture that has become increasingly transactional, a city needs to offer a sense of identity and belonging, not just an investment opportunity.” Yeah, it’s not supposed to be all about money.

Below is a link to Carman’s column, along with links to the city website about dates, candidates, etc., and some stories about the candidates we know of so far.,_Colorado_(2019),_Colorado_(2019)


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