Hey, don’t look at me!

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So this morning, a friend of mine tagged me on a post on City Councilman Albus Brooks’ Facebook page. Here’s what Brooks wrote:

“Denver Community Planning & Development is looking for 7 design professionals and community members to help guide the design character of future downtown development as a part of a new Downtown Design Advisory Board.

“Apply here to help build a better downtown.”

Then this link:


Now, when you get to the page that lists the city’s boards and commissions, and open the link to the bar for the Downtown Design Advisory Board, the description notes that the  focus of this group will be on Arapahoe Square and Auraria/Central Platte Valley.

Seems to me, though, that there are many other areas in the city that could use some tough-love or some real loving care, even though some neighborhoods have been pretty well raked over the coals. But I’d say to all: So go for it.

Here are some links:

Boards & Commissions | Office of Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancockhttp://www.denvergov.org



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