Why art is important to Colorado – and it’s not just about the economy

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On the final day of the year, I thought about something positive to post to help redeem what has been a punishing 2018 (in my estimation).

It’s about the arts, and how important it is that people spread the word and support organizations both large and small. And it is not just about the economic benefits — it’s about keeping us human.

There are two sources I read each time an email shows up in my inbox:

  • The Colorado Creative Industries, the state’s initiative to link widespread communities to each other, to various audiences, and to economic support.
  • And Denver’s Arts and Venues agency, which runs the gamut from performances in venues owned by the city to programming that runs from A to Z.

There are also many, many groups that make a difference in the community by offering arts events that make us think, make us laugh, and make us step away from the problems of the day. That includes galleries and art spaces of all types, plus theaters, symphonies, clubs that offer music, and pop-up spaces that always surprise.

Just typing that made last year seem better, kinder and more creative.

Here are some links, but there’s a lot more out there:











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