Remember ‘give where you live’?

CGD-2018-Master-72 dpi

Actually, I do. It is one of the slogans used by Colorado Gives Day, which is today.

I made my donations this morning, and always am thrilled that this day raises so much money for solid causes. It also always makes me wish I were a bazillionaire.

But, then, suddenly, by midnight, organizations stop sending emails to remind me to give. Much as I appreciate this program, after maybe 200-or-so emails over the past week, I’m ready to move on.

The Community First Foundation, with a partner in FirstBank and other sponsors, last year raised $36.1 million in donations from people like you and me. The first year, in 2007, they raised $680,565 in donations. By 2009, the donations almost doubled, to $1,112,900.

If you recall, starting in 2007, the economy began to rattle and shake. Many of us lost jobs in the years to come (for me, twice). Homes went into foreclosure. It was a dark time, for sure. But people in Colorado are generous. We know we need to help non-profits that do good work in the community; we also know we may need them for help.

While searching “Colorado Gives Day” this morning, Google was featuring comments on Twitter, which included one from the Independence Institute, which was actually quite funny. After a link to, there are other links that tell the story.…0.0..0.102.1275.19j1……0….1..gws-wiz…..0._QHvdNuzfSg

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