Another chapter in the green roofs saga

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The City and County of Denver held an open house yesterday afternoon that attracted more than 100 people to hear the CliffNotes version of the new Green Building Ordinance. My sense is that most people in the audience were from the A/E/C community, to learn how the New Rules will impact design and construction of new buildings and existing buildings.

This document replaces the green roof ordinance approved by voters in November 2017. The goals, according to the slides presented yesterday, are to reduce urban heat island effects and greenhouse gas emissions, to create more green space, and to improve water quality and storm water management.

One thing I have to say, there are options. Since I am not a mathematician – or an engineer – some of the formulas that have been devised are pretty intense. But then anything new and this sweeping at some point will become second nature.

Most of the questions were about clarifying some aspects of this new ordinance. But one audience member said this was just a “super easy off ramp” because of the modifications, including to define green space as being constructed on the roof, terraces, podiums, or at grade – as in, like the lawn. He said it had “no teeth.”

The upshot: The departments working to draft rules and regulations (Community Planning and Development [CPD}, and Public Health and the Environment [DDPHE]) want to hear from you by Nov. 30. Then they will incorporate edits before submitting a final draft at the end of December. That will go to the DDPHE board. They expect this document to be adopted in February.

Below are links to the Green Roof Initiative page, and the slide presentation shown yesterday:

Click to access Green%20Building%20Ordinance%20Open%20House_Nov%2015%202018.pdf

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