Sidewalks aren’t just for walking


The dockless scooters from five different companies have made themselves at home in Denver. Wwhere do we go from here?

They are all over my neighborhood, and in other areas near Denver’s urban core (but honestly, everywhere). I am assuming a lot of people like them, and they do offer a way to get around town without a car, especially in areas that experience gridlock. I understand the appeal. But New Rules need to be clarified. The winter weather may curb some use. But I don’t want to see riders get injured — and I don’t want to get run over.

As for links below:

The City of Fort Collins is waiting for the scooters to show up there. Two stories in the Fort Collins Coloradoan address this situation.

The Denver Post announced last month that a fifth company has entered the scooter rodeo.

And the Washington Post has reported that one of the scooter companies has recalled some scooters because they break apart while people are riding them, causing injuries. The handle and the baseboard become disconnected – not good.

P.S. When I first heard about – and then saw – these snappy little scooters buzzing around me, all I could think of was Po, the red Teletubby from the childrens’ show that aired on Channel 12 many years ago. Po has (had?) a scooter, but I never saw her A). ride on a sidewalk, or B). whiz by people trying to walk on a sidewalk. In this photo, she  seems to be wearing a helmet. Smart Po.

The other photo shows a love match between two scooters, posed near my building by someone with a sense of humor.

Scooters in love IMG_2411


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