Like when the doctor discovered it was really twins

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Now that the mid-term election is over, though some tight-squeeze ballot counts may call for a recount (or supreme patience), we can get back to other news.

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of reporting about Amazon splitting its new second headquarters in two. First, it was going to be 20 sites in North America, but reporters and columnists are now hearing from sources that there will be two new headquarters sites, dividing the action — and jobs — between two cities: Long Island City in New York, and Crystal City outside of Washington, D.C.

Does this mean that Denver is no longer in the running? Or is this a tease, leaving economic numerous development teams gnashing their teeth and wondering if their city could still be The One?

Who knows? Sort of like The Bachelor who wants to acquire an open relationship. And, what happens next? Amazon has collected a lot of data about demographics and economic information in so many places and in so many ways.

Below is a selection of recent links from business and tech writers, from the Denver Post, to New York Times, to Fast Company via Business Den, to Colorado Politics, to Denverite. The final link is a graphics history tracing the way the Amazon logo has changed, from the days when owner Jeff Bezos was thinking about books, to the creation of a high-profile company that sells just about everything. How things evolve.





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