Fill out your ballot — and vote!

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For more than a week, my ballot sat on my dining room table, lying on top of the blue book from the state and the white book from Denver. I looked at the ballot every time I passed by the table, thinking, Oh, I’ll get around to it. At least I took it out of its envelope.

Finally, it was like, good grief, Maire. Just do it. Do some research on line. Skim the books. Mark your answers. Refold the ballot pages as directed. Tear off the stub on each page, sign the envelope, seal it, and drive to a drop-off box a grand total of 10 minutes away.

What was I thinking? Yes, there is a lot to learn, and there are some really important matters at stake, with a long list of officials, initiatives, judges, etc., etc. But there also are a lot of resources.

So: Get the answers, find a blue or black pen, make another pot of coffee or tea, sit down, then get off your butt, and vote! The time is now: The deadline to drop off your ballot in Colorado is 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Don’t dally!

Here are a few suggestions:,_2018

There are many more options to tap into: your area TV stations, the actual political parties. You know what to do.




One Reply to “Fill out your ballot — and vote!”

  1. Mary, this is a great reminder. This year I voted with a friend and by that I mean we got together and talked about the initiatives and referendums…the stuff some of us never feel we know enough about. It was a discussion that wasn’t in an echo chamber…we also used the resources you are linking. I agree though, exercise your voting rights…it is a priviledge to vote…women couldn’t always vote.


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