Mary Voelz Chandler

Mary Voelz Chandler has written about architecture, preservation, and visual arts, including the position of architecture and art writer at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. During that time, she completed the Guide to Denver Architecture published in 2001 in conjunction with the AIA National conference in Denver, then updated the Guide in 2013. She also was a co-author on the 2009 book Colorado Abstract, with Westword art and architecture critic, author and historian Michael Paglia. When the News closed in 2009, she became a writer at an architecture firm, followed by a communications position at a construction company. Along with numerous awards for her writing, Chandler received the AIA Colorado 2005 award for Contribution to the Built Environment by a Non-Architect; was honored by the Denver Art Museum in 2012 with the Contemporary Alliance “Key” Award, and was inducted into the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame in 2015. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, and lives in Denver.

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    1. Hi, Brian. I was thinking of posting about this, but the genesis of the program still rankles after many years. The idea from Denver’s planning department was to show developers that if they advocated (and paid for) good designers, they might win an award. Made me laugh. Since you brought it up, I may post it as an example of a carrot, when what we need is a stick.


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